In Hong Kong elections, is it more important to be attractive or competent? With this game, we can find out the answer. The following faces are all from first-name party list candidates in this year's Legislative Council geographic constituency elections. Rate each candidate based on their attractiveness and their competence, and compare your ratings with those of other Hongkongers!

選舉除咗講政綱,可能都講樣?!正所謂Your face,Your fate。喺呢個game,你可以對立法會選舉候選人個樣「指手畫腳」,快啲叫埋你d朋友一齊評分,睇吓你嘅選擇同其他香港人係咪一樣!

About Us 關於我們         
Established in 2006, the Bauhinia Foundation is a Hong Kong think tank that focuses on researching a wide variety of socioeconomic and political issues. We conduct current affairs analyses as well as in-depth policy studies. This survey is part of our ongoing investigation on the importance of candidate appearance in local elections. We hope that you will enjoy filling out the survey and contributing to our policy research.

DISCLAIMER: This survey is for research purposes only and is meant to allow respondents to express their views on election candidates. The survey is not intended in any way to explicitly or implicitly promote or prejudice the election of any candidates, in accordance with Section 2 of the Elections Ordinance (ECICO). The creators of the survey were not instructed by any candidate or election helpers to promote or prejudice the election of any candidate, and the survey is not intended to appeal directly or indirectly to electors to vote or not to vote for certain candidates or candidates of certain organizations.

Detailed findings and results from the survey will not be released until after the day of the election.

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